Two Unencrypted Laptops and an iPad of NFL Employees stolen

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National Football League Employee’s Laptop Stolen

If an encryption software had been used to protect the data, there would be minimal chances of Identity theft from the stolen devices. In a fresh incident, two more National Football League (NFL) employee’s laptops have been stolen at the Dallas Convention Center on Sunday.

The stolen laptops belonged to a private investigator and a security consultant based in California. Both employees were preparing the Dallas Convention Center for the NFL Experience. The convention center is hosting the NFL Experience, an interactive theme park with games, displays, autograph sessions and a memorabilia show. These laptops not only stored sensitive information but also not protected with encryption software.

Similar Incident Happened just two weeks ago

A similar incident happened earlier this month in Arlington, a laptop containing NFL and Super Bowl XLV credential information was stolen from a car parked outside a restaurant. According to Arlington police, several thumb drives and security credential artwork were also stolen with the laptop. These devices belonged to a NFL employee working on Super Bowl XLV.

In this case police arrested three people, but was not able to recover the laptop. In the current case Police do not have any suspects but believe that the above two incidents are not related.

NFL Employees left Devices Unattended

Dallas police Sr. Cpl. Kevin Janse said, “Someone stole two laptops and an Apple iPad that had been left unattended for about 25 minutes inside a ballroom at the location. The property belonged to two employees hired by the NFL. None of the devices contained information that would compromise or jeopardize the security of any Super Bowl-related events”, he added.

According to Janse “The devices contained no important security or otherwise sensitive information relating to the Super Bowl” and there was no security concerns related to the theft. The stolen devices were left unattended at a Starbucks kiosk for 25 minutes inside a ballroom.

Janes further said, “The laptop theft was nothing more than a crime of opportunity and that the suspects probably didn’t even realize who the owners of the property were”.

This is just a case of carelessness of NFL employees. It’s a dumb activity to leave important devices at an unfamiliar coffee shop for Twenty Five Minutes. The NFL said that theft didn’t compromise security and only artwork for credentials that was subsequently changed after the theft. We can only hope that NFL would be more active towards securing the data as this was the second laptop theft case in one month.

How Alertsec Xpress Would Have Helped

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