Data Breach Revealed at Government Ministry

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In recently published news, there has been another privacy data breach revealed at a Government department, at the Ministry of Health this time. A news website named, ONE News discovered 19 people to have been affected by a printing error as a result of which high use cards were sent out on the wrong addresses. A woman from Dunedin who had received her son’s high use card in a mail said, there was another high use card in the mail attached with the same, containing another high use card referring to someone else. The lady also said, it was for “no one that I know, totally different city, totally different name, totally different address, everything”.

The lady, who is a mother of two, immediately rang the Ministry of Health as her responsibility who had told her about a mechanical error with a printer meant two letters, with two cards, which had been placed in one envelope. “I at first sort of didn’t really know what to do, it just concerned me. I thought if this has come to me, what else has gone to wherever else?” The Ministry of Health apologized to all 19 people affected by the glitch, following all the data breach related incidents. As a precautionary measure, the health ministry is issuing 366 replacement cards for all the people who have been affected in the batch of the cards, and cancelling those sent out mail and/ or letters. The privacy data breach involves the name and addresses of the card recipients, but does not include any medical details of the same. The knowledge about the aforesaid incident comes in the wake of recent high profile privacy breaches at ACC, Earthquake Commission and the Ministry of Environment. The Ministry of Health finally assures the public by saying that the data breach has been resolved and has asked the contractor who was involved to accommodate an automatic checking method so that the same mistake could not be repeated again.

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