Japan gets ready for Zeus

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Zeus, called after the Greek deity, now establishing new point of interest: Japan Internet banking Consumers

Zeus along with other financial Trojans are already a huge headache to internet banking consumers around the globe for a long time.
Specific nations for instance the japanese have escaped assaults from financial Trojans, possibly as a result of language barrier and perhaps other unfamiliar cause.

Since the national law enforcement organization of Japan has reported repeatedly, Japanese internet banking consumers began to become victims for this form of assault.

Lately we discovered a fresh new Zeus variant focusing on several banking institutions with inside Japan.

The functionality matches the other variants. As soon as executed, the Trojan hooks on the browsers monitoring any URLs related to financial institutions then inserts code in the page which shows a note notifying of an upgrade to the banking system and asking to enter the registration information which includes accounts, passwords and every other details.

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