USB Autorun Attack

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New malware emerged recently attacking Android and Windows platforms.
Main capabilities: Steals information and downloads files
File size: 330,984 bytes
File type: APK

This malware comes up being a system solution that assists with accelerating your system. Right after setup, it displays an image launcher. After the harmful application is launched, the user will discover its home screen. The application offers a number of different “clean options” for the user to select, however they really practically do nothing at all other than display an activity bar.

Concurrently, the malware begins a service that is harmful throughout the background.
It signs up a location listener to gather as well as upload location details via HTTP to a server.
It additionally gets instructions from a C&C server.
The protocol utilized by the malware to communicate to the C&C server is a unique one.

The malware executes a number of functionalities, for instance:
•Send and Delete SMS messages
•Steal contact information
•Track location via GPS device
•Make phone calls
•Execute commands

Why this malware is special is the control usb-autorun-attack. Following this control the malware will download a few files from its server and also save them within side the SD card. Among the files saved is a traditional Windows autorun malware thus when the user chooses the USB setting on the cellular device and attaches with a Windows platform, the autorun malware will operate instantly. This auto-run is made to record voice and report to the server. The application is a major threat to the security of the data stored on the computer that has it installed.

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