CERA website hacked

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Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority was formed in response to the February 2011 Christchurch earthquake. It has wide-ranging powers and can suspend laws and regulations for the purpose of earthquake recovery. Malicious software was discovered in CERA website recently.

Server which hosts the CERA website was going through a routine check, this is when they found that something was wrong with their server.

To conduct an in-depth maintenance check, the external company which manages the server advised CERA to cooperate with them during the maintenance stage. CERA said that maintenance process had found out that software called c99madshell had been embedded into the website.

This type of software is used to hack into website and search for private information, such as credit card numbers. But CERA does not contain this type of information.

In a statement CERA said “There is nothing to suggest the malicious software had been activated after being embedded”.

“Investigation shows the software was most likely implanted with malicious intent. While it is disappointing that there are people intent on causing damage in this way, I’m very glad to find our security systems have identified this issue.” said CERA chief executive Warwick Isaacs.

He further added “There is no suggestion that any part of the CERA site has been compromised, but we are treating this situation with the highest degree of seriousness.”

To ensure that none of the videos, photographs or text had been corrupted, Mr. Isaacs had asked that every page of information which were updated on the CERA website in the past month should be individually checked. While this is underway, the website will be offline.

Mr. Isaacs said he expects all of the functions of the website to be restored later today. The website is not linked to any internal CERA databases.

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