Seattle sheriff’s laptop stolen from her truck

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People sleep peacefully on their beds at night only because they know that cops stands ready to flee away the thieves and criminals. Yes, there are some people who do not fear cops, read this article to find out how a laptop belonging to a detective of a Seattle sheriff’s office was stolen.

You must have heard of laptop theft incidents but this time the thieves had planned something big. A laptop belonging to an undercover officer of a Seattle sheriff’s office was stolen from her truck.  Around 2,300 individuals were informed that they might have become victims of identity theft.

As per the information by Komo News, the stolen laptop contained sensitive unencrypted information such as social security numbers, driver’s license numbers and case files containing personal information about crime victims, witnesses, suspects and cops officers.

According to a detective with the Sheriff’s office, the notification letters were not sent immediately because it took them a while to find out whose information was compromised. “Somebody had to go through and read everything and cull out all of that information,” she said.

The detective violated KCSO policy which says: (1) always use encryption software when sensitive data is stored on a digital storage device, like a laptop or an external hard drive, (2) not to store any sensitive data on devices that were not issued by the Sheriff’s Office, (3) never taking sensitive data outside of the office.

This might not have been the first time that they have experienced such data theft, but this one was definitely the worst till now, said the detective. She was questioned by many people that why they not enforce encryption at the time of theft to prevent any possibility of data breach. In her reply she said that they were currently adding encryption software to all the computers in the office and they did not manage to do it in all the systems when the laptop was stolen. Sixty percent of the computers were finished, but the stolen laptop was not one of them.

But the question remains that why would anyone leave an unencrypted laptop in the car knowing that it contains highly sensitive information which can cause huge damage if stolen.

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