USA: High-risk place for Data Theft

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A research conducted by German companies shows that the US is a high-risk place for data theft, second only to China.

Ernst & Young carried out a survey of 400 companies in July, it found out that 26 percent of German security professionals, IT and senior managers felt that US was a highly risky country when it comes to data theft and Industrial espionage. These figures were just 6 percent two years back. China was still a high-risk company as responded by 28 percent. Russia stands at third place, as just 12 percent respondents consider it as risky place data theft.

Head of Forensic Technology & Discovery Services at EY, Bodo Meseke said that German companies had a misconception that attacks were most likely to come from Russia or China, but they need to realize that very extensive monitoring measures are carried out by Western intelligence agencies.

26 percent of respondents were worried about this sort of data theft coming from a foreign competitor, with 17 percent concerned about state agencies and secret services from abroad. 16 percent of people were concerned about domestic competitors and 9 percent were worried about their own employees.

The survey was conducted to study attitudes towards the risk of data theft and Industrial espionage. 86% of managers are confident that their company would not become a victim. They are confident about their security measures including firewalls and secure password policies, though these security measures are easy to break for skilled hackers.

Meseke explained “When it comes to their own safety, the companies are, unfortunately, often lulled into false sense of security,”

“A professional data thief can circumvent a password. It’s important for companies to make it more difficult for would-be data thieves with things like intrusion detection systems and beefed up security departments so that they look for another target.” he added further.

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