Data loss: Companies lost 44 million records this year

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Data loss will probably always be one of the major security threats, over past four years companies have lost an estimated 1.1 billion records and some 44 million records this year alone.

Data loss and data breach are two different terms. In a data breach, data is intentionally accessed for malicious reasons. But data loss can be caused by employees who have no intention of causing a security incident.

Data can be taken out of a company in case of a breach, or employees might steal it without being noticed. Educating employees on the dangers of data loss, and ensuring that the proper policies are in place in the event that an employee leaves the company, are important steps to take to ensure your data is secure. These four prevention policies can protect your company from data loss incidents.

Be sure to implement these four policies to stay secure:

  • Policy # 1: Put departing employee protocols in writing.

When an employee is about to leave the company, have a written agreement ready that explains what data he can and cannot leave the company with. Once it is in writing, the employees can not pretend that they did not know what data was confidential.

  • Policy # 2: Make sure employee computers are wiped clean.

Do not rely on the employee to do a comprehensive wipe of their own device. It is important that company IT employs do their own best practices to ensure data is removed from devices as they leave the company.

  • Policy # 3: Create mirror images of employee data.

Security and IT department should make a mirror image copy of employee’s data before he/she leaves the company. This will give your team the ability to confirm the source of data loss.

  • Policy # 4: Apply PC encryption software.

Alertsec has created a web based encryption service that radically simplifies deployment and management of PC encryption by using industry leading Check Point Full Disk Encryption (former Pointsec) software.

Organizations, especially corporate giants, have to have an information security policy in place that proves they have taken necessary steps and measures to safeguard the information they gathered. If these policies are not adhered to, the regulators may prosecute.

Alertsec Xpress is used by organizations that have recognized the need to protect their information. Customers range from single-user sole traders and consultants to multinational companies with a large number of offices around the globe. Over 4 million users worldwide use Alertsec Xpress’s Check Point Full Disk Encryption.

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