Data Theft hits Vodafone customers

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Mobile phone and broadband provider Vodafone Deutschland was attacked by a large-scale data theft affecting the personal details of their two million German customers.

Spokesman Alexander Leinhos said that a computer specialist who worked at Vodafone was accused of this data theft incident.

Vodafone Germany said in a statement that the unnamed suspect launched a “criminal attack” on one of the company’s servers to steal the customers’ names, addresses; dates of birth, bank codes and account numbers.

Alexander said the company was advising its customers to take special care while providing their details to access its services, he claimed it was hardly possible for the attacker to access the bank accounts of affected customers.

The company referred to accused as a “hacker” who had knowledge of Vodafone Germany’s IT systems, a UK technology magazine has labeled the accused as a contract IT worker of Vodafone.

German media reports stated that the suspect worked at Vodafone as a system administrator for an external service provider, which employed him full-time.

In particular, added Die Welt, a Vodafone Germany spokesman – Alexander Leinhose cited security checks that all “external employees of service providers” must pass, which the accused reportedly did.

Vodafone stated on its website that there was a raid conducted at the house of accused, he was cooperating with the authority. They also asked him for the data theft to remain under wraps so their investigation would not be compromised.

The Mobile phone and broadband provider added: “The security of data has highest priority for Vodafone. We shall take all necessary steps to further improve the security of our systems and to protect against future criminal attacks”.

Vodafone has more than 32 million mobile phone customers and more than three million broadband subscribers in Germany. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vodafone Group.

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