Laptop theft that can put patients lives at risk

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The metallic red Toshiba Satellite was stolen from the office of The Scottish Emergency Rider Volunteer Service (ScotsERVS), based in Glasgow’s Southern General Hospital, after thieves broke into the campus. The charity says the theft of  laptop, which contains all their funding information, is catastrophic.

Police are working hard to find how this laptop was stolen and who took it, asking people with information to come forward and help.

Volunteers of ScotsERVS, came forward to help the NHS in delivering urgent supplies, including donor breast milk, blood, plasma, samples, vaccines and medical files to hospitals. Traveling by motorbike or car, the volunteers get the supplies to the hospital.

The charity was rolled out to the whole of Scotland in June but is based at NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (NHSGGC).

Ms Cameron said the laptop was usually kept in a locked up location but had been borrowed by another member of the group and used in the office. She also told that the laptop had all our funding information on it.

“It has the history of our funding applications, it has prepared packages for grants we’re applying for. It has everything on it that helps us to survive. The theft can affect the lives of sick kids and others who benefit from our service” said Ms Cameron.

“We are appealing for any information about the identity of those responsible for the laptop theft and its recovery due to the significance of the data stored on it and the implications for future funding for the charity” told the spokesman from Strathclyde Police.

A spokeswoman from NHSGGC added: “We can confirm that office space on the Southern General Campus which we gift to the charity ScotsERVS was broken into on September 5. It is very disappointing when any thefts occur on hospital grounds. The hospital is monitored by CCTV and all footage has been provided to Police Scotland as part of their inquiries into the theft.”

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