Reduce Data Breach attacks – 3 steps guide

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In its 2013 Data Breach Investigations Report, Verizon Enterprise reports that 74 percent of data breach incidents in small businesses are “crimes of opportunity” – which means that the crime which occurs is because a hacker notices a weakness and exploits it. In addition, the report shows that nearly half (48 percent) of data breaches are enabled by in-house mistakes, often made by employees who have little or no familiarity with data security protocol.

Such breaches expose technology contractors, freelancers, and consultants who work with these companies to third-party cyber liability. To help tech professionals reduce the risk, TechInsurance has issued guidelines for educating clients about how to prevent data breaches.

“Most of our clients are pretty sophisticated in terms of technology, but they may not think about advising their clients on security basics. Often, that’s because they don’t realize that, even if their own security measures are top-notch, their clients’ security lapses can expose them to costly cyber liability claims.” said Ted Devine, CEO of TechInsurance. He added that, while third-party cyber liability insurance can pay for those claims, preventing them is the best way to keep premiums low and avoid the hassle of litigation.

IT professionals should take the following steps to minimize clients’ exposure to preventable data breaches:

  1. Provide training:

48 percent of data breaches are caused by employee error. Reviewing the practices for storing data, sharing files, and transporting hardware helps non-tech workers to protect their data.

  1. Encourage standard security measures:

76 percent of data breaches are possible because a hacker is able to guess a password. Remind clients to create strong passwords, update passwords regularly, use antivirus software, encrypt sensitive data, limit access to sensitive information, and have protocol in place for off-premises work.

  1. Encryption:

Alertsec strengthens security

Alertsec has created a web based encryption service that radically simplifies deployment and management of PC encryption by using industry leading Check Point Full Disk Encryption (former Pointsec) software.

Organizations, especially corporate giants, have to have an information security policy in place that proves they have taken necessary steps and measures to safeguard the information they gathered. If these policies are not adhered to, the regulators may prosecute.

Alertsec Xpress is used by organizations that have recognized the need to protect their information. Customers range from single-user sole traders and consultants to multinational companies with a large number of offices around the globe. Over 4 million users worldwide use Alertsec Xpress’s Check Point Full Disk Encryption.

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