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The betting and news site said the amount of customer data exposed by the breach will depend on how much information they handed over at the time of registration and will vary from user to user.

The data lost in this data breach incident might include usernames, first and last names, encrypted passwords, email addresses, home addresses and users’ date of birth information.

As information such as customer’s credit and debit card details are not stored on the site, the company was quick to inform that such information was not accessed during the breach.

A post on the website reads “As a consequence, customers have been advised by email that they should take the precaution of changing their password on other sites if it is the same one they use for”.

Although the passwords are encrypted, said it is still advising users to change their login credentials because there is a risk the hackers will be able to decrypt them.

Bruce Millington, the editor of, apologized to site users for any inconvenience caused, and revealed the attack on the site could be linked to others.

“Security is an area we take extremely seriously and our website has not been compromised previously. As soon as we were aware of the situation, we did everything in our power to halt the breach. As part of our efforts to resolve the issue, we have turned off the ability to register/log on to We are extremely sorry this unfortunate incident has occurred. We believe it may be part of a wider attack on a number of companies. We thank you for your patience and understanding,” Millington concluded.

Lloyd Brough, director of cyber incident responses at NCC Group, suspects the breach was caused by the exploitation of a web application vulnerability.

Brough said “While it is positive they have been quick to disclose the breach, providing further technical details on what type of ‘encryption‘ was used for the passwords would helped further inform technical users”.

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