US tops as Malware Hosting Nation

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Solutionary’s Security Engineering Research Team (SERT) Quarterly Threat Intelligence Report for Q4 2013 states that the United States was the leading malware-hosting nation. US host 44 percent of all malware which was five times more than the second-leading malware-hosting nation, Germany. Later was responsible for 9 percent of all malware in Q4 2013. Report predominantly focused on distribution and analysis of malware. SERT used cloud-based Solution Active-Guard Platform and global threat intelligence network to get the results.

Solutionary SERT director of research Rob Kraus said in a statement ,“We aren’t just talking about foreign espionage campaigns, APTs and breaches; many of these malicious activities are taking place within U.S. borders,” and continued saying, “Malware and, more specifically, its distributors are utilizing the technologies and services that make processes, application deployment and website creation easier.”

Reports mentioned that over 40 antivirus fail to detect malware Researchers found that majority of malware applications are related to PUA’s i.e. potentially unwanted applications which are installed Microsoft Windows 32-bit portable executables (PE32) files.

SERT also mentioned about the malicious actors turning to cloud for malware distribution. It found that malware distributors are widely using cloud computing either by buying services directly or compromising legitimate domains. They are also hiding behind the reputed hosting providers like Google, Godaddy and Amazon to avoid geographic black listing. This type of modus operand has enabled distributors for cost effective ways of spreading malware through easily making them online.

Reports also provide recommendations to Internet Service Providers to limit the risk associated with malware distributions by sites hosted and domain name registered. Ultimately it is up to providers to take action for stopping the proliferation of malware.

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