Default IP Address, Outdated Firmware used by majority of SOHO Wireless Routers

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Tripwire has announced the results from its analysis of security vulnerabilities in small and home office wireless routers, finding that 80 per cent have exploitable flaws in their security.

Tripware conducted survey of 653 IT and security professionals and 1,009 employees who work remotely in the U.S. and U.K. Survey shows that 55 percent of IT professionals and 85 percent of employees haven’t changed the default IP address on their wireless routers.

It also came to notice that 52 percent of IT professionals and 59 percent of employees haven’t updated the firmware on their routers. Also admin password on their routers is also not changed by 30 percent of IT professionals and 46 percent of employees.

Tripware also found out that 80 percent of’s top 25 best-selling small office/home office (SOHO) wireless routers have security flaws.

Tripwire security researcher Craig Young said in a statement. “Unfortunately, users don’t change the default administrator passwords or the default IPs in these devices and this behavior, along with the prevalence of authentication bypass vulnerabilities, opens the door for widespread attacks through malicious Web sites, browser plugins, and smartphone applications.” And “[T]hreats to routers will continue to increase as malicious actors recognize how much information can be gained by attacking these devices,”

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