Incorrect mailing leads to data breach

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Lowa hospital confirmed data breach when human error along with technical issues led to patients’ information being sent to the wrong recipient. Monte Goodyk received his medical bill with the billing information of 11 other Pella Regional Health Center patients.

“Well, you freak out initially, because your first thought is if I have their information, they may have my information,” Goodyk told the news source. “You can almost tell what’s wrong with this patient and what they’re going to the hospital for. I should not know this information about this patient.”

According to the reports, the name and billing information of 11 patients was incorrectly included on a statement to one patient.

“We determined that a number was incorrectly entered into our computer system when an individual checked into one of our clinics,” the spokesperson said in an email. “Our systems failed to identify the human error had happened. Pella Regional Health Center reached out on Friday to all 11 patients involved by phone and connected with 8 of the 11 patients affected. A follow-up letter was sent to each individual with information and our apologies.

Pella Regional’s privacy officer and senior administration is reviewing how they can prevent this type of mistake from happening again, the spokesperson said.

“Today it was discovered that information including your name and Pella Regional Health Center billing information was included on a statement to another patient,” read a letter sent to the 11 patients. “While no diagnosis information was included, we apologize for this breach of information.”

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