Technologies for Healthcare security and efficiency

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Technologies have been upgraded to accommodate more users and extra efforts are done to safe guard the data. Organizations are demanding software to process larger amount of workload with reduced hardware infrastructure. But they are equally concerned about the data security and multiple products and process are used to implement same. Large amount of investment is done on data loss prevention techniques within and outside of a healthcare IT network.

With the acceptance and growth of Cloud Computing and virtualization technologies, there is also advancement in the security technologies. Below are the linked technologies for Healthcare security efficiency.

Software-defined technologies: Technology is designed specifically to simply networking and security process using new type of software based engines taking security to complete different level.

Virtualization: Virtual firewalls or virtual security appliances are making their way into many large health care environments. To deal with internal traffic security, more virtual applications are used.

Scanning and control engines: With the advancement of the technology new type of scanning and control engines are deployed to detect the threat as early as possible. Features like data-loss prevention (DLP), intrusion detection/prevention services (IPS/IDS), and even disaster recovery load-balancing, are all become more standard.

Controlling end-user devices and BYOD: This is about controlling access to the end user device which employees bring according to the company BYOD policy.

Cloud security:  Due to Cloud, more devices are equipped with scanning more types of traffic coming into a healthcare infrastructure. Specific attention is given to the access control for the users and efforts are made only to provide authorized access.

Alertsec strengthens security

Alertsec has created a web based encryption service that radically simplifies deployment and management of PC encryption by using industry leading Check Point Full Disk Encryption (former Pointsec) software.

Organizations, especially corporate giants, have to have an information security policy in place that proves they have taken necessary steps and measures to safeguard the information they gathered. If these policies are not adhered to, the regulators may prosecute.

Alertsec Xpress is used by organizations that have recognized the need to protect their information. Customers range from single-user sole traders and consultants to multinational companies with a large number of offices around the globe. Over 4 million users worldwide use Alertsec Xpress’s Check Point Full Disk Encryption.

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