Community Center ID Theft

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A nonprofit system of health clinics in Florida suffered data breach due to identity theft criminal operation. The affected clinic Jessie Trice Community Health Center said that patient’s information was targeted. According to the reports, personal information that was stolen includes Patients’ names, dates of birth and Social Security numbers.


“The leadership of Jessie Trice Community Health Center, Inc. deeply regrets this incident and is working vigorously and diligently assessing how to mitigate future risks to all patients and has implemented new procedures and protocols to protect patient information so that this type of theft cannot reoccur,” Jessie Trice president and CEO Annie Neasman explained in the statement.


The incident is under investigation by FBI and IRS. Total count of affected patients stands at 7,888 and are notified about the breach. The organization has retained a leading data breach response vendor to work with patients through the process.


For additional information about the JTCHC data breach, statement asks to contact their corporate office. According to the statement, no medical records were obtained or have been compromised. The mode and how the theft occurred are not clear. But the statement mentions that immediate action steps are underway to ensure clients protection.


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