PHI exposed on emails

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Anthem Blue Cross members in California received emails from their health insurer having their own PHI in the subject line. It is not known whether the act of sending PHI in email is considered as data breach. The email was related to routine checkups and preventative screenings with their doctors. But the email also included information like age range and language along with possible medical screening tests – marked “Y” for recommended tests and “N” for tests not listed in the email.

This information is certainly sensitive, as you can imagine, because a call for certain tests, and frequency, could indicate a health problem,” wrote one female Anthem patient who received the email.

The woman said she received the following subject line from her health insurer:

Don’t miss out — call your doctor today; PlanState: CA; Segment: Individual; Age: Female Older; Language: EN; CervCancer3yr: N; CervCancer5yr: Y; Mammogram: N; Colonoscopy: N

“We know that patient privacy and security is just as important as having the most comprehensive medical records,” Mark Morgan, president of Anthem Blue Cross, told a reporter at the time of the HIE announcement. The incident occurred when the Anthem Blue Cross is working to further expand in the health IT world.

Blue Shield of California and Anthem Blue Cross has combined strength of 9 million customers in a new comprehensive network, Cal INDEX.

“Hospitals have moved away from using ordinary email because there are all sorts of ways in which it can be compromised, intercepted in transit, or seen by your email provider,” said Jonathan Mayer, a computer scientist and lawyer at Stanford who specializes in data security and privacy.

He added, “It’s especially bad when the information is in the subject line because who knows where that could pop up — on a desktop, a phone.”

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