Data breach involves Veterans

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Contractor’s flaw lead to the data breach which exposed sensitive information of around 7000 Veterans. The department of Veterans Affairs (VA) notified the incident and also told to the press that the vendor was providing home telehealth services to veterans. The breach was caused because of potential flaw in a vendor’s system.

“An investigation was immediately initiated and security scans were conducted by VA, which confirmed the concern,” the spokesman said. “The contracted vendor has assured VA that only vendor staff and VA staff had accessed this information. The security flaw in the vendor database was immediately corrected and VA continues to closely monitor the application.”

The affected information includes names, addresses, dates of birth, phone numbers and VA patient identification numbers.  Veterans are offered complementary credit protection services.

The VA didn’t disclose the name of the vendor but according to the reports, this particular data leak till now has not caused security problems. The information was potentially seen after a database was inadvertently exposed online.

The latest data breach has raised yet another concern in VA’s data security aspects. Earlier, the agency has also failed its annual cybersecurity audit. VA Chief Information Officer Stephen Warren presented the audit results at a House Veterans Affairs Committee hearing.

“Specifically, by not keeping sufficient records of its incident response activities, VA lacks assurance that incidents have been effectively addressed and may be less able to effectively respond to future incidents,” the GAO report stated. “In addition, without fully addressing an underlying vulnerability that allowed a serious intrusion to occur, increased risk exists that such an incident could recur.”

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