Laptop theft leads to data breach

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Sunglo Home Health Services patients were affected by the recent breach as laptop containing sensitive data was stolen from the Harlingen, Texas-based facility. According to the reports, the burglar broke into a van in the Sunglo parking lot and drove away after filling the vehicle with various tools and gear.

It happened that he returned and broke into the Sunglo building by breaking a window with a fire extinguisher and stole computer that held patients’ Social Security numbers and personal information, including PHI.

The numbers of affected patients are not known which also include elderly and disabled persons. Sunglo drives patients across the Valley in the vans, which are kept in a parking lot at the Harlingen corporate office.

“We’re just worried about the safety of the patients themselves because of the information. We had to contact local police to see what we could do,” Means told.

The potential suspect is behind the bar. Harlingen police arrested Matthew de la Cruz based on surveillance camera footage. The security aspect of the laptop was not known including the status of encryption.

“It leaves you uneasy, just something that was there that you can’t recover, it’s an uneasy feeling,” Means told Action 4. “We don’t really want this to happen again.”

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