Sony like attack possible

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According to the security researchers, many hackers across the globe can launch Sony like attack. Around 90% of the companies can suffer possibilities of hacking considering their current security standards.

There is no shortage of technically proficient people willing to launch such an attack, said Jon Miller, a former hacker who now serves as vice president of strategy at Cylance, an antivirus software maker.

“There are probably a couple thousand, three, four, five-thousand people that could do [the Sony] attack today,” Miller tells “60 Minutes”‘ Steve Croft in an interview airing Sunday evening on CBS television stations.

Complicating things for companies is the sheer number of computers that must be protected, usually from the employees operating them, said Kevin Mandia, chief operating officer of FireEye, the anti-malware company that worked with Sony to mitigate the effects of the hack.

“The advantage goes to the offense in cyber,” Mandia says. The defense must defend every computer, thousands in some cases, but “the offense side thinks, ‘I only need to break into one and I’m on the inside.’…Nation-state threat actors, or hackers, target human weakness, not system weakness.”

The Sony security breach was more serious that it was perceived. Hackers leaked the personal information which includes Social Security numbers of more than 47,000 celebrities, freelancers, and current and former Sony employees. They also leaked movies which were not released, as well as embarrassing emails between Sony Pictures executives, among other internal documents.

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