Beacon Health attacked by phishing scam

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Beacon Health System in South Bend, Indiana suffered a data breach when it was attacked by sophisticated phishing attack and unauthorized individuals gained access to employee emails. The affected information includes patient names, doctor names, internal patient ID numbers, and patient status (either active or inactive).  According to the reports, Social Security numbers, dates of birth, driver’s license numbers, diagnoses, dates of service, and treatment and other medical record information could also have been accessed for some individuals.

“Beacon continued an extensive review to determine if sensitive information was affected,” Beacon explained in the statement. “On May 1, 2015, Beacon was advised that protected health information was contained in the affected emails. While there is no evidence that any sensitive information was actually viewed or removed from the email boxes, Beacon confirmed that patient information was located within certain email boxes.”

Notification letters are sent to the affected individuals. According to beacon, there is no evidence of attempted or actual misuse of information. The statement fails to mention the number of people affected by the incident.

“Beacon is reviewing its policies and procedures and is implementing additional measures to prevent an incident like this from happening again,” the health system explained.

According to the statement:

Individuals are encouraged to regularly review any Explanation of Benefits statements received from insurers for suspicious activity. If an individual does not receive a regular Explanation of Benefits statements, he or she can contact his or her insurer and request copies. Individuals may want to order copies of credit reports and check for any unrecognized medical bills. If an individual finds anything suspicious, he or she can call the credit reporting agency at the phone number on the report.Individuals should keep a copy of notices in case future problems arise. Individuals may also want to request a copy of medical records from providers, to serve as a baseline.

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