Document goes missing in Florida

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The Florida Department of Health allegedly suffered a data breach affecting five patients when sensitive document was stolen from the car. A department employee had documents in his car, which was broken into on March 31. According to the news source, the papers were in a secured briefcase.

One of the affected patient, Chris Kibodeaux claims that he was not notified until May 7. He said that his name, Social Security number, address, phone number and diagnosis were included in the stolen documents.

“Someone could’ve definitely had enough time to do what they were going to do, and if there is damage it’s already been done,” Kibodeaux said. “I’m going to have to pull my credit report and I’m going to have to try to figure out if someone has done something with my name.”

Chris does not want personal information of HIV Positive status in someone else’s hands.

“HIV is still a stigma,” said Kibodeaux. “It’s different me telling my status because it’s my personal tellings, but for someone to have that in the open, it’s not right.”

The facility mentioned that it is still in the process of notifying all affected patients, and that it will offer identity protection services to those individuals.

According to the reports, the letter Kibodeaux received said the employee was put on administrative leave while the incident is investigated, but the Department of Health said they could not comment on personnel issues.

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