Records accidentally sent to wrong recipient

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Immunization records for approximately 1,000 patients at the UT Southwestern Medical Center were mistakenly sent to a confidential Texas registry.

“UT Southwestern notified us of the issue, and we deleted the records from the ImmTrac system,” department spokeswoman Christine Mann told the news source. “It appears it was an error and the issue has been resolved.”

The registry is used by physicians, health departments and school districts. The facility mentioned that the system is “subject to strict confidentiality requirements” and that all data transmitted is done with “high-strength encryption.”

Letter to patients, signed by Pamela Bennett, UTSW’s interim privacy officer mentioned that there is a very low probability that the information disclosed was compromised.

According to UTSW, the issue was due to a computer glitch that occurred during “a routine upgrade to the system”.

“We corrected the electronic issue in our system the same day it was discovered,” UTSW spokesman Russell Rian said in a statement, according to the news source. “And we worked diligently…to prevent any future occurrence.”

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