Mobile security in the connected network as per the experts

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In recent times more healthcare organizations implement and use connected devices. According to Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology (ICIT) fellow Michael McNeil – From a mobility perspective, there are a number of different challenges.

“What used to be a stationary or contained type of a device or tool that would be used, now has mobility attached to it,” said McNeil, who is also the global product security and services officer for Phillips Healthcare. “Because of the mobility and its interconnections, the integrity of that data and the accuracy of the information could be at risk.”

McNeil mentioned that healthcare organizations should ensure that they are in alignment with the appropriate legal and regulatory efforts.

“When you look at the fact that there’s clinical data, the transmission of that data, the flexibility of that data, and certain individuals could intercept or manipulate that information, that creates some of our biggest risk and or complexities that hit the dynamics of the ecosystem,” he said.

McNeil also mentioned that healthcare organizations do not always look beyond their own contained network.

“Because organizations typically look at infrastructure of a hospital or a particular setting, traditionally they have stated, ‘Because that is contained in somebody else’s network and environment, our liability and vulnerability and chances of any activities is very low,’” McNeil said. “And because it’s in someone else’s contained network, they sort of push the potential direction of the potential risk off into other parts of the ecosystem.”

McNeil explained that the “ecosystem” includes everyone from medical device manufacturers to healthcare providers, and even regulators.

“The better that we can align with other types of industries, and other types of standards,  making sure that we are deploying solutions within this space, then we also have the ability to make sure that from a mobile perspective it’s designed with the security of their products and solutions,” he said. “That needs to be key.”

The mistake comes when mobile devices, and even connected systems themselves, are not designed with the larger picture in mind, he said.

“That is more of a fallacy of the past that needs to be corrected in terms of the future,” McNeil stated.”

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