Identity theft and data breach

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Affected PHI included full name, CVS ID, CVS ExtraCare Health Card number, Rx plan number, Rx plan state, and plan start and end dates.

Molina Healthcare mentioned that this health data breach may lead to identity theft. It also advised all potentially affected individuals to put a fraud alert on his or her credit file. The health insurer also decided to provide the importance to carefully inspecting credit reports.

According to the statement:

Look at your reports when you get them. Look for accounts you do not remember opening. Look requests from creditors that you do not know about. Check for any medical bills that you do not about. Look at all your personal information. Make sure it is correct. Call the credit agency if you any questions about your report.

 If there is something wrong with your report, call your local police or sheriffs office. File an identity theft report. Get a copy of this report. You may need to give a copy to other creditors. This will help clear your records.

If your credit report is OK, you should still check your credit. Check your credit report every three months for the next year. Call one of the numbers above to get your report.

Keep a copy of this letter for your records. It can help if you have future problems with your medical records. You may want to ask for a copy of your medical records from your healthcare providers. It good to have a copy that you can look at in case you ever have problems. You can also get a copy claims or other PHI held by Molina Medicare Options Plus HMO SNP (Molina Healthcare). To get it please call our Member Services department at the toll-free number listed below.

Molina Healthcare regrets this problem. CVS is replacing CVS ExtraCare Health Cards for affected individuals who are current Molina Healthcare members with an OTC benefit, unless your CVS ExtraCare Health Card was already replaced due to a change in your benefits plan. To further help protect your identity, we are offering you a free one-year membership of identity theft protection. 

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