Ohio provider reports missing padlock

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Ohio-based Endocrinology Associates reported a potential data security incident which affected 1,400 individuals. Incident came to notice when a POD containing patient information was missing its padlock.

According to the reports, the provider is currently renovating its location, and is storing patient charts in a rented POD on-site. Endocrinology Associates realized on the mornings that the POD padlock had been removed and started inventory search. Internal investigation found that no patient information was missing, the provider explained that it cannot confirm with certaintythat no charts were opened, reviewed, or copied.

Facility also mentioned that enhanced security measures are implemented to ensure this kind of incident is not repeated.

According to the statement:

As for the content of the physical charts, we do not maintain financial information of our patients in the charts,the statement read. However, some charts did contain social security numbers. To date, we have not received any indication, notice, or response from any patient that their personal health information has been stolen or compromised in any fashion.

We notified our patients by mail of the situation.  We request that any patient report directly to us if they are aware of any information concerning the improper use or access of their personal health information.

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