Impersonation Scam leads to data breach

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Magnolia Health Corporation (MHC) has reportedly suffered a potential data breach. The incident may have likely affected all active MHC employees and its affiliated facilities.

According to a official statement by MHC, a third-party individual impersonated MHC’s CEO Kenny Moyle. Using email address of Moyle, the person reportedly obtained employment information for all of MHC’s active employees.

Individuals those employed at Twin Oaks Assisted Living, Inc., Twin Oaks Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, Inc., Porterville Convalescent, Inc., Kaweah Manor, Inc., and Merritt Manor, Inc suffered data breach.

Affected information includes employee number, name, address, city, state, zip code, sex, date of birth, Social Security number, hire date, seniority date, salary/hourly, salary/rate, department, job title, last data paid, and the name of the employee’s MHC facility.

Law enforcement were notified about theincident and data breach notification letters were sent to  potentially affected individuals,.

According to statement:

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