Roark’s Pharmacy Data Breach Incident

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Pharmacy burglary and data breach in Oneida, Tenn. suffered a burglary which also resulted in a healthcare data breach. It potentially affected nearly 3,000 individuals, as per the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) data breach portal. Oneida Police Department investigator Blake Murphy, who is in charge of the investigation, noted that the burglars had destroyed the store’s alarm system, disconnected the phone lines from the system, and also disabled the system’s backup battery and backup cell phone.

The report didn’t mention the type of health data stored on that server, nor did it state what kind of mitigating measures the pharmacy will take toward potentially affected individuals. “It is unknown at this time how many narcotics were taken or a total value of damaged property,” Murphy wrote in the report.

According to the news article – While the burglars were successful in destroying any evidence of their intrusion inside the store, investigators were able to use video surveillance from Mike’s Service Station next door to capture footage of two unidentified people walking towards the store around 2:15 a.m. — at the same time Highland Telephone Cooperative technicians were able to determine that the store’s phone system had been disconnected.


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