Hacking incident and data breach

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Indiana-based Lafayette Pain Care PC recently suffered probable data breach after an outside entity accessed some patients EHR data. According to the OCR data breach portal, around 7,500 individuals were affected by the possible PHI breach.

As per the statement, “Lafayette Pain Care’s EHR management vendor experienced a hacking incident that could have resulted in some patient files being exposed to intruders. The potential healthcare data breach affected multiple EHR systems across the country, confirmed the statement.”

“All this said, our electronic medical records provider has informed us that it is not aware of any evidence that our patient records were in fact accessed or acquired by any unauthorized persons,” as per the website.

Lafayette Pain Care has notified affected individuals and has asked patients to monitor their credit accounts. It also advised to report any suspicious or inappropriate activity. It has also offered free credit monitoring services to affected and verified patients.

“We do recommend that our patients check with their local credit bureau or credit monitoring agency (such as TransUnion, Experian, or Equifax) for any unauthorized activity with their credit or identity. Patients can also utilize the site www.annualcreditreport.com to review their credit report annually.”

“If any unauthorized activity is noted, it should be reported appropriately. We recommend that all persons receiving medical or surgical care, regularly review their Explanation of Benefits forms to confirm the accuracy of included listed services.”

According to the statement:

Lafayette Pain Care is pleased to welcome new patients to our practice. As a valued customer of our practice, we maintain complete records on you to ensure that we can always communicate with you promptly, treat you in the most appropriate and effective manner, coordinate with your other doctors where needed, and ensure your care is paid for by insurance or other means.


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