Mis-mailing and data breach

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Coordinated Health Mutual, Inc. recently suffered data breach which affected around 591 individuals  as per the Office of Civil Rights data breach portal. Facility confirmed the healthcare data security breach. The incident occurred after a vendor experienced an internal, electronic sorting issue. Around 650 incorrect or incomplete 1095-B forms were inadvertently printed and mailed.

A 1095-B form is a healthcare insurance form is used to verify individual’s health insurance coverage for a specific amount of time. Individual needs to enter information like dependents on the policy, and the how long the policy was active.

According to the statement, ‘These incorrect or incomplete forms either do not display a policyholder’s dependents at all, or they have incorrect dependents listed. No medical information was included and this information is not publically available; specifically, one policyholder may have the information on the dependents of another policyholder. ‘

Coordinated Mutual Health, Inc. conducted investigation and found that less than 800 dependents were listed on the incorrect policyholder’s form.

“Following an initial assessment and report by our vendor, we alerted all members and appointed brokers of the issue on April 5 and asked that they contact our Compliance Department if they received an incorrect 1095-B form. We are also encouraging members to destroy or return any incorrect forms they may have received.”

Coordinated Mutual Health, Inc. mentioned in the statement about identity protection services offerings to any impacted dependent. Policyholders will also receive their corrected 1095-B forms with instructions on how to enroll in the services.

As per the company website:

HIPAA, which stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, is a set of Federal Regulations originally passed in 1996. One component that HIPAA focuses on is Privacy.

So what is HIPAA Privacy all about? HIPAA Privacy is about protecting the confidential nature of an individual’s health information. It is as simple as that.

The Privacy Regulation protects health information relating to past, present or future physical or mental health of an individual. Any health information that can be directly linked or associated with an individual is referred to as “protected health information” or PHI for short. Protected health information can be in written, electronic or oral form. For more information please visit United States Department of Health & Human Services Website.


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