PruittHealth healthcare data breach

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PruittHealth, a healthcare system in South Carolina may have suffered potential data breach due to two break-ins at separate locations. According to the reports, two break-ins happened at Home Health-Low Country and Hospice-Beaufort locations. Thieves may have viewed the data but no medical records were stolen in either case.

Front door glass were broken and unauthorized entities entered the PruittHealth Home Health-Low Country location. PruittHealth mentioned that only petty cash was missing from the office.  Thieves also had the opportunity to access paper medical records.Affected information included names, addresses, Social Security numbers, dates of birth, dates of services, locations of service, and other clinical information.

Patients files were not disturbed by the thieves. PruittHealth mentioned that there is a possibility that patients may have had their personal information viewed by intruders.

Other incident involved PruittHealth Hospice-Beaufort office break in where perpetrators also managed to break into patient file cabinets that contained paper medical records. It mentioned that it did not appear thieves accessed any of the cabinet records.

PruittHealth contacted the Beaufort Police Department. All affected individuals were notified by the email. It also mentioned that they are cooperating with the investigation. Steps are taken by the facility to secure its offices. According to the Office of Civil Rights data breach webpage, 1,437 individuals were affected by the incident.

According to the statement:

Since 1969, PruittHealth has been providing high quality healthcare throughout the Southeast. Known for its proactive performance improvement programs and holistic post-acute care services, PruittHealth’s “commitment to caring” defines not only its services, but the culture in which its skilled network of dedicated providers work. With more than 200 service locations in Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, and North Carolina, the PruittHealth family of providers touches the lives of more than 24,000 patients each day through skilled nursing healthcare centers, home health and hospice agencies, assisted and independent living communities, institutional pharmacy and medical supply services, and programs in rehabilitation, nutrition, adult day care, community care, and care management.


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