Data breach due to theft incident

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Total number of 7,784 individuals were notified about potential PHI breach by the Ohio area dental practice. Patient records were stolen as reported by the Office of Civil Rights on its website. Sunbury Plaza Dental mentioned that its secured storage unit containing business and patient records was burglarized. It came to know about the incident when law enforcement officials notified them.

The officers said that some patient records were stolen from the storage unit. Majority of records were not touched. Affected information included patient files contained personally identifiable information, such as names, addresses, dates of birth, and Social Security numbers, as well as some healthcare data.

Theft incident was committed by suspects to commit identity fraud. All patient files involved in the incident are recovered now. Also, the dental practice updated its policies and procedures for safeguarding patient information. It also partnered with law enforcement agencies to investigate the break-in.

Complimentary identity monitoring services for a year is provided by the facility to affected individuals.

How you can protect yourself:

“It is recommended that patients affected by this matter regularly review their account statements and check their credit report for incidents of fraud and identify theft. To help our patients with this we have secured the services of Kroll to provide identity monitoring for one year to our patients affected by this matter. This service includes Credit Monitoring, Web Watcher, Public Persona, Quick Cash Scan, $1 Million Identity Theft Insurance, Identity Consultation, and Identity Restoration.”

Currently many healthcare data breach occur due to theft incident. Another incident involved Texas-based medical office which affected around 2,900 individuals. According to the website notice of StarCare Specialty Health System, one or more burglars broke into its East Broadway office in Lubbock, Texas and stole five laptops. One of the laptop contained confidential patient information. It was not encrypted.

Affected information included names, medical record numbers, telephone numbers, diagnoses, admission and discharge dates, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, and Medicare and Medicaid numbers.

According to the statement:

“StarCare is giving one year of free identity monitoring to those clients who may have been affected by this breach. This service will provide credit monitoring, identity monitoring, identity theft insurance and fraud restoration services. Signing up for this program will not affect your credit score. If you are a client you will receive a notification letter. If you have not received your letter or wish to determine if you are a part of the impacted population. “


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