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Fake nursing license and data breach

July 4th, 2016

California-based medical centre suffered potential data breach after one of its former healthcare care manager was going by a fake name and had a falsified nursing license. Mercy Medical Center Redding, a Dignity Health organization came to know about the data breach when notified by its business associate, naviHealth that patient information was accessed inappropriately. The medical center takes help of naviHealth to help carry out patient support after an individual leaves the medical center.

Former case manager had been working under a fake name and nursing license during the period of June 2015 to May 2016. As part of job responsibility, the individual had access to patient information which included standard clinical information, patient data, and health insurance account information. naviHealth terminated the employee and his computer access after discovering the breach and contacted law enforcement officials.Around 520 individuals were affected by the incident.

Affected information included certain PHI, such as names, addresses, phone numbers, Social Security numbers, dates of birth, emails, medical record numbers, account numbers, and dates of medical services exposed. The former employee may have also accessed diagnoses, lab results, medications, dates of treatment, provider notes, group health plan numbers, and member IDs for some patients.

After the incident, naviHealth has reviewed all calls made by the former case manager to ensure content and clinical accuracy. Verification of nursing licenses and identifications for all its employees were carried out along with implementation of more thorough screening process for potential employees. All affected individuals were notified about the incident and provided resources on identity theft protection.

According to the statement, “As a precaution, you can contact any one of three major credit bureaus and have a “fraud alert” placed on your credit file. A fraud alert lets creditors know to contact you before new accounts are opened in your name. You will also be automatically sent copies of your current credit files.”


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Data breach at Veterans Affairs Medical Center

July 2nd, 2016

The Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Washington DC recently suffered possible data breach after an alleged theft incident. Facility has notified 1,062 individuals according to the OCR’s website. Affected information included personal information on veterans, first and last names as well as full and partial Social Security numbers.

“The Washington DC Veterans Affairs Medical Center realizes the importance of safeguarding Veterans privacy and personal information. Accordingly, the medical center is taking concerted steps to inform affected Veterans of a recent potential breach of privacy information.”

The Department of Veterans Affairs mentioned that it got information of missing controlled substance monthly report on March 31. All affected individuals are notified through mailed correspondence. It also included instructions on credit monitoring and methods for protecting privacy. It also stated that “appropriate actions are being taken to protect their [affected veterans] identities.”

“The Washington DC Veterans Affairs Medical Center takes matters such as this very seriously and has implemented new procedures to reduce the possibility of this type of incident in the future,” explained the statement.


According to the website:

We provide specialized services and care for Veterans such as: invasive and noninvasive cardiology, home based primary care, women’s health, MRI, PET/CT center, interventional radiology, renal care, trauma services, nutritional services, homeless outreach, compensated work therapy, substance abuse treatment, recreation therapy, and alternative therapies as well as a wide variety of Telehealth services. The DC VA Medical Center is also home to the Integrative Health and Wellness (IHW) Program, a patient-centered program that offers services such as acupuncture, yoga, meditation, nutrition and health education, massage, qigong, and t’ai chi.


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