Email error and data breach

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Planned Parenthood of Greater Washington and Northern Idaho recently suffered data breach. It notified the affected individuals mentioning the data security incident. According to the reports, emails notifying individuals of an online portal were sent to the wrong addresses. accessible_resources

“Planned Parenthood of Greater Washington and North Idaho (PPGWNI) has been helping women, men, and teens make responsible decisions about their sexual health for nearly 50 years. Dedicated to delivering the highest quality reproductive health care services since 1967, PPGWNI is also committed to providing responsible, age-appropriate sexuality education. Protecting a woman’s fundamental right to choose is a major part of our organization’s underlying philosophy. “

Some individuals received another person’s email. It contained the second individual’s first and last name. Personal or health information was not present in the email.

“Privacy is a top priority for us, and we regret any confusion or concern this error has caused,” the statement reads. “We are reinforcing existing privacy policies and technological protocols internally and with our partners, and are evaluating additional safeguards to prevent any similar incidents from occurring in the future.”

As soon as Planned Parenthood knew about the breach they immediately shut down the portal. Facility didn’t realized there was error. Hence, there is no evidence indicating that any of the data has been misused.

“We are committed to ensuring individuals affected by this incident have the necessary information about this matter.  Those individuals who believe they could have been affected by the incident and would like to obtain more information can do so by calling customer care.”

As per the OCR lists , total 10,700 individuals potentially got affected by this incident.

Below are the simple mistakes which can cause data breach:

Human Error: It is one of the main concern IT department faces. Many companies have to cope with such mistakes when unauthorised people opens the official emails.

Software Error: Sometimes software can have bugs which forces legitimate emails to be sent in unauthorised inbox. People viewing the same can misuse it.


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