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Harbin Clinic data breach

September 2nd, 2016

Georgia based Harbin Clinic, LLC suffered data breach recently. Facility has notified approximately 500 patients. Some of patients information may be breached after several boxes of medical records were found to no longer be in a storage facility.

As per the Iron Mountain, Inc  “several boxes of medical records are unaccounted for and/or are missing or destroyed from their Atlanta facility.”

“Harbin Clinic engaged the data safety warehouse to maintain the privacy of our patients’ records, as Iron Mountain is well regarded in the data storage industry, housing billions of information assets,” Harbin Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer Lori Custer, JD, CHC, said in a statement.

Medical records in the boxes included information of cardiovascular medicine and obstetrics and gynecology patients who took treatment in the facility before 2002. Affected information also included patient names, dates of birth, addresses, diagnoses, Social Security numbers and insurance information.

“In order to protect our patient’s rights and private information, we enforce strict rules for those who handle patient information and we regularly educate all employees on privacy regulations,” Custer explained. “Though we had contracted with an internationally-acclaimed data warehouse as our partner in keeping records safe, once we were informed of the loss we took immediate steps to assist our patients in learning about and managing any privacy concerns.”

About Harbin Clinic:

 Harbin Clinic has been committed to providing excellent and innovative patient care for more than 100 years in Northwest Georgia.

 At Harbin Clinic, you have access to more than 240 healthcare professionals who provide integrated care across more than 40 medical specialties and services. We believe it’s important for you to be involved in your healthcare, so we work with you to provide care that is tailored to your needs.


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