Anomaly Detection

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With the price of a data breaches going up to 29 percent as compared to 2013, business leaders are under increasing pressure to execute security options in finding hazards developed in cyber security landscape. Data violations mostly go undetected for weeks, months and possibly even years. Organizations need to know kind of current security threat looming over them. Established network management tools and systems in many cases are seen as the conventional approach to organizational security.

Anomaly detection is about empowering proactive incident result management by giving the capability to track down possible hazards before a straightforward violation or uncommon behaviour escalates into a disastrous event. Organizations should consider a number of variables when assessing incident response options.

Manual Tracking Procedures

Incident response teams regularly do manual approach to the security tracking. This procedure is incredibly time intensive. It’s also predisposed towards human error, due to judgment and emotions, leading to results that are wrong and ineffective. Also, an advanced assault will not be probably indicated by one metric.

Impact of Shadow IT

IT and incident response teams now have to worry about workers working from multiple devices, connecting to multiple networks and using countless applications that live through corporate data centers and clouds providers. Security teams need to adopt new strategy for prevention and risk detection.

Do not Follow the Rules

In an effort to automate some of the manual work required with anomaly detection, businesses frequently rely heavily on thresholds and rules. Nevertheless, this strategy comes along with its own distinctive set of challenges. For instance, thresholds and rules are not effective and of little use on regular data. Also, this strategy may create lots of unneeded noise that diverts the focus of incident response teams and security advice.


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