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A latest survey of 643 IT security professionals in the U.S. And Canada found that around forty eight percent of respondents do not scrutinize the cloud for malware. Another 12 percent are uncertain if they do or not.

The survey conducted by the Ponemon Institute and sponsored by Netskope, also found that while 49 percent of company applications are actually saved in the cloud, only 45 percent of these applications are known, approved or authorized by IT. Over 50% of respondents said that the  chance of a data breach is looming over the industry. Nearly 20 percent are not able to ascertain whether they have experienced a violation or not.

“These data confirm that while cloud adoption is very much on the rise, organizations still lack confidence in the cloud’s ability to protect sensitive information,” Netskope founder and CEO Sanjay Beri said in a statement.

“With the rise of cloud threats like accidental data exposure, malware and ransomware aimed at exfiltrating data and extracting financial gain from sensitive data, IT teams need more robust intelligence, protection, and remediation to protect their data from breach or loss,” Beri added.

Many said the violation happened when information was shown to a user from the cloud-based service, either unintentionally or deliberately. Respondents concerns about cloud protection threats are loss or theft of intellectual property, loss of control over the security of information and end user activities, and compliance breaches.

A different Blancco Technology Group study in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, U.K., Germany, France, India, Japan and China found that 26 percent of participants are not confident or fairly comfortable with the security cloud services offers.

“Whenever storing data offsite with a cloud provider, organizations must be diligent in knowing where their data is being stored, how it’s being protected and when it needs to be removed (in the case of migrating data to a new vendor or consolidating data centers, for example),” Blancco Technology Group chief strategy officer Richard Stiennon said in a statement.


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