Data breach at Broward Health

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Data breach at Florida-based Broward Health affected 126 former patients. According to the Law enforcement authorities, certain patient information was found in an individual’s home at the time of  routine investigation.

“Broward Health has been working with local and federal law enforcement since May 2016. Our investigation began as quickly as possible while maintaining all appropriate safeguards and precautions.”

Affected information included full names, dates of birth, addresses, phone numbers, Social Security numbers, primary insurance providers, insurance guarantors, reasons for visit, employers, emergency contact/next of kin, and their addresses and phone numbers. Test results and other medical information were not present on the Facesheets.

“We have notified 126 former patients or their listed next of kin of the privacy breach by mailing a letter to their last known address on September 23, 2016.” Facility mentioned.

As per the reports, an individual got hold of registration Facesheets from Broward Health Imperial Point without permission. Information present on the Facesheets was associated with the patients who visited Broward Health Imperial Point between November 2011 and March 2012.

Facility mentioned that it is re-educating staff members and strengthening procedures for the protection of patients’ personal information.

Broward Health’s disclosure said. “We also offered affected patients an identity theft protection service at no cost.”

Broward Health Senior Vice President and CIO Doris Peek told the press about the series of data breach incident in Florida.  List of hospitals suffered by data theft includes Fort Lauderdale’s Holy Cross, Hollywood’s Memorial Regional and the University of Florida’s Shands Hospital in Gainesville. As per Peek, identity theft ring has paid hospital registrars to give them copies of Facesheets.

“This ring of thugs got busted,” said Peek. “They send in tax information to the IRS about persons to get their tax refund. They targeted the older and sick population.


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