Ransomware attack

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Louisiana Health Cooperative, Inc. in Rehabilitation (LAHC) recently suffered data breach. The incident has affected certain policyholders, members and subscribers. Summit Reinsurance Services, Inc. (Summit Re) which works with LAHC notified about the ransomware infection on August 8, 2016. attack

LAHC conducted an investigation and determined that breached information includes member names, provider names, Social Security numbers, and health insurance information. Also, other information which got affected includes certain claim-focused medical records containing information such as diagnosis/clinical information that Summit uses as part of its stop-loss and reinsurance underwriting and consulting services.

LAHC believes that there is currently no evidence that the information was misused or attempted to be misused.

“Nevertheless, we are providing you with this notice as information you (or an agent on your behalf) provided Summit was contained on the server under investigation,” stated the letter, which was signed by Summit President Mark Troutman. “Upon request, we will securely transfer a file identifying the potentially affected personal information affiliated with your plan.”

As per the OCR data breach reporting tool, incident potentially affected 8,000 individuals.

Facility also asked individuals to follow instructions provided by Summit Re. They are also advised to call Summit Re-dedicated assistance line Monday through Friday for any query or information and provide Reference Number when calling.

Protect your system from ransomware attacks:

Use firewall and trusted antivirus

Take backup of your files regularly

Enable popup blocker

Don’t click on links from the suspicious emails

Alert authorities

Summit Re has also advised affected individuals to take additional steps to prevent identity and fraud like below-

Activate family secure now by enrolling on the website www.familysecure.com/enroll. Submit activation code obtained from Summit Re.

Get your free credit report and look for any discrepancies. Place a security freeze and fraud alert on credit reports.


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