TX clinic data breach

July 16th, 2016

The Midland Women’s Clinic in Texas have suffered a PHI breach after a former physician left patient information at his private residence. According to the reports, Mario M. Gross, MD may have made some patient information accessible to unauthorized parties.

Affected information included names and addresses as well as some healthcare data, such as dates of birth, account numbers, diagnoses, medications, procedures, and physician notes. In some cases, patients may have also had their Social Security and Medicare and/or Medicaid numbers disclosed by the incident, reported Midland Women’s Clinic.

As per The Office of Civil Rights(OCR),  717 patients were affected by the incident.

The patient records were secured after facility knew about the incident. It has also launched an internal investigation to identify affected individuals.It has also implemented additional data security measures to stop future incidents.

“The Clinic has reviewed and modified its policies and procedures to prevent future incidents, educated its medical staff about the incident and tasked them with reviewing and updating their own controls over patient records, and reminded its workforce about the rules and procedures for protecting patient records,” stated the press release.

According to the statement:

Midland Women’s Clinic is proactively reaching out to impacted patients to provide guidance on how they can protect themselves.   Impacted patients will be notified shortly by mail.  Impacted patients can also call.

Midland Women’s Clinic announced that it is currently investigating a security incident involving certain patients’ personal information. The Clinic is providing notice to individuals who may have been affected by the incident.  The Clinic regrets any inconvenience or concern this incident may cause.

About Midland Women’s Clinic

Established in 1951, Midland Women’s Clinic is dedicated to providing the highest quality of women’s health services and comprehensive gynecology and obstetric care for every stage of life.  Midland Women’s Clinic has been and continues to be a model for collaborative medical excellence for OB‐GYN care in Midland.


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Data Theft by Former NATO employee

December 20th, 2013

A former NATO employee was sentenced for seven years in jail by the German court for spying after the IT expert and copying secret data in order to sell it to a foreign intelligence service.

Identified as Manfred K., the 61-year-old man had worked for the transatlantic military alliance at the US airbase of Ramstein in Germany but left his job after a dispute.

The court found “The disclosure of the files would allow a potential enemy of NATO to gain access to the secret network of NATO”.

Court rejected Manfred’s claim that he was trying to point out security gaps when he copied the data and hid it on USB memory sticks in his kitchen and basement.

The court in the western city of Koblenz found that the man copied passwords, server locations and other information for NATO computer systems that would have enabled a cyber attack.

The IT expert, who had worked for NATO for more than 30 years, copied the data in March 2012 and failed in an attempt to obtain more in June but left NATO shortly afterward. He was been in detention since his arrest in August 2012.

Andreas Voelpel, presiding judge said that the data were the “crown jewels” and “operative heart” of the system and would have allowed a foreign power to launch a cyber attack with devastating impact.

According to the Court, Chinese or Russian intelligence services were the suspected potential takers for the data.

The defendant had earlier denied the charge, saying “I was never a traitor. I am not and never was an enemy of NATO, only of the security sloppiness of employees.”

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