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CorporateCarOnline: 850,000 clients information at risk

October 4th, 2013

Hackers recently gained control of the database of CorporateCarOnline, a software provider for transportation reservations, exposing credit card data and other personal details of more than 850,000 clients.

The data breach exposed the information of thousands of celebrities and well-known figures that used the service to reserve a limousine or car service in recent years. The firm said the breach was likely the result of a targeted Adobe ColdFusion vulnerability. The breach exposed credit card details and notes left for the chauffeur about the victims’ habits. These are five known victims of the limousine service data breach.

Politicians were among the list of victims of the CorporateCarOnline breach. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. John Conyers booked limo service in 2011 at Indianapolis International Airport. Sen. Mark Udall, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee’s Subcommittee on Strategic Forces, was among the victims. He was picked up at Boston’s Logan International Airport in 2009. The breach also included former Sens. Tom Daschle and John Breaux for trips they took in 2010.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rogers was among the victims of the CorporateCarOnline hack. The superstar flew into Kalamazoo on a private plane in June 2010, according to the exposed data. Rogers was named Green Bay’s starting quarterback in 2008.

The database exposed the details of celebrity business mogul Donald Trump, who booked car service pickup using CorporateCarOnline for a visit to the Wynn Hotel in February 2007. “Must be new car, clean, and front seat must be clear,” a note associated with his file read. Trump was overseeing construction of his 64-story luxury hotel at the time.

Movie star Tom Hanks was provided transportation courtesy of CorporateCarOnline when he visited Chicago in June to see his son Chet Hanks graduate from Northwestern University.

NBA superstar LeBron James was among the high-profile victims of the CorporateCarOnline breach.

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