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Reports coming in about a data breach at Puerta Grande restaurant in Winchester

July 11th, 2012
Credit cards Français : Cartes de crédit Itali...

Credit card victims of Puerta Grande Restaurant in Winchester getting help from banks

Did you recently eat at the Puerta Grande restaurant in Winchester? If the answer is yes, well, then you could be in deep soup (pun intended). All those who used their credit card at the diner seem to be having problems as their data has been breached! Fraudulent activity related to these credit cards has been reported.

The Kentucky residents have been asked to urgently look into their bank statements and report any illegeal activity.

Around 50-100 people seem to have been victims of data breach at this diner. The hackers purchased goods with the help of this information. The breach reports started coming in early last week and they all had a common link. All these credit card breaches seem to be coming from people who had recently ate at this Mexican eatery near Wal-Mart at Bypass road.

Some customers thought that this could be an inside job.

Winchester police detective Dennis Briscoe said “It was way too much for an individual person to be at fault here,” These were definitely hackers.

Restaurant employees were in fact very helpful with the investigation and as of now the restaurant is not accepting credit cards till a new secure system is put in place.

The diner owners have two other restaurants in Winchester but fortunately, they were not a victim of data breach. To be on the safer side, their credit card systems are being revamped.

According to the Police, the stolen credit and debit cards were used in North Carolina, Florida and Pennsylvania, and in the Dominican Republic. Reports further stated that one woman had her entire checking account depleted.

“All her money was somehow spent or sent to the Dominican Republic,” said Detective Briscoe.

As to how the data was hacked into is still not known and the case is under investigation. Most banks have refunded money of those who have been affected by the fraud.

This could be one of the major data breach and we will keep you posted as the reports come in. This could be a wake-up call for all restaurants whose credit card security systems have become outdated. Perhaps till then, you would like to pay by cash?

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The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) issues 21 data breach fines amounting to £2 million since April 2010

July 9th, 2012
English: Christopher Graham, the UK Informatio...

Christopher Graham, the UK Information Commissioner, on a fine-slamming spree

Up till now only councils and trusts were falling prey to ICO’s data breach fines but now it is a consumer lender called Welcome Financial Services Limited. In November of last year, WFSL, lost data of half a million customer details on two back-up tapes which till date has not been recovered. ICO has imposed the company a fine of £150,000.

Through this report, the Information Commissioner, Christopher Graham, hopes that this is a wake-up call for the public and private sectors to strengthen their IT security.

“We hope these penalties send a clear message to both the public and private sectors that they cannot afford to fail when it comes to handling people’s data correctly,” he said.

“This year we have seen some truly shocking examples, with sensitive personal information, including health records and court documents, being lost or misplaced, causing considerable distress to those concerned. This is not acceptable and today’s penalty shows just how much information can be lost if organisations don’t keep people’s details secure.”

This annual report further states that there is a 7% rise in the number of freedom of information complaints, with 4,633 complaints received during 2011/12. In spite of low budget and heavy workload, the ICO has managed to solve 66% tof he number of FoI. The number of data protection cases that took more than 6 months to complete has also seen a reduction of 82%.

In addition, the report shows a 60% increase in the number of audits carried out by the ICO Good Practice team. 42 organisations were audited and 90% were of the opinion that the process raised awareness of the importance of data protection in their organisations. The ICO now plans to audit public companies and has planned advisory visits to help small and medium sized organisations.

ICO has been granted new powers

The ICO would be using its new powers to tackle unsolicited marketing calls and text messages – There has been a 43 per cent rise in complaints related to the above.

Mr. Graham said “We have now set up a dedicated team to enforce the Privacy and Electronic Communication Regulations and we are currently working to identify the operators responsible,”.

“The ICO has executed search warrants at a number of sites across the UK linked to companies we believe are breaking the law.

“We have also set up an online reporting mechanism on our website that allows people to report any marketing texts or calls from unidentified senders. We have received over 12,000 reports to date and we are confident that this work will help us identify those responsible.”

Organizations, beware! You could face fines of up to £500,000 if a data breach is reported.

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The Federal Trade Commission files complaint against Wyndham Hotels for data breach

June 29th, 2012
Wyndham Hotels & Resorts

Wyndham Hotels & Resorts sued by FTC over data breach

We did wonder, did not we, as to how come hotels were never in the news for data breaches? They store a large amount of customer data and it is vulnerable. Well, the wait is over. Here is a news item which very much talks about a data breach which took place at a hotel chain and now the owner is being used.

Who let the ‘hotel data’ out?

The franchiser of Days Inn hotels and Super 8 motels, Wyndham Worldwide Corp. (WYN), was sued by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission due to security breaches that exposed information of more than 500,000 credit card customers. These data breaches led to fraudulent charges on customers’ accounts and the export of credit card information to an Internet domain address that was registered in Russia.

FTC’s statement

“Wyndham’s privacy policy misrepresented the security measures that the company and its subsidiaries took to protect consumers’ personal information,” the FTC said in a complaint filed today in federal court in Arizona. The breaches led to more than $10.6 million in “fraud losses,” the FTC said.

Comment by Wyndham spokesperson

“We regret the FTC’s recent decision to pursue litigation, as we have fully cooperated in its investigation and believe its claims are without merit,” Michael Valentino, a Wyndham spokesman, said in an e-mailed statement. Wyndham will fight the agency’s suit and doesn’t expect it to have a material impact on the company, he said.

Previous breaches at Wyndham

The first attack took place in 2008 where Intruders were able to install “memory-scraping malware” in the systems as well as find customer data stored in clearly readable text. A second attack took place in March 2009, when hackers hacked an administrator account in Wyndham’s Phoenix data center. The third attack on Wyndham was reported in late 2009. This time the hackers were able access the systems of multiple hotels.

About Wyndham Hotels

Wyndham is based out of Parsippany, New Jersey and licenses the Wyndham name to about 90 hotels under franchise and management agreements. As per the company report its first-quarter revenue rose about 9 percent to $1.04 billion, while net income fell 56 percent to $32 million due to early extinguishment charges related to debt tender offers. Since then the shares have gone up by 60 percent in the past year.

Alertsec can assist hotels and organizations in protecting data

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Community Futures Trading Commission suffers data breach causing loss of customer social security numbers

June 26th, 2012
Commodity Futures Trading Commission

Commodity Futures Trading Commission the latest victim of data breach

Social security numbers and personal information of any individual are of utmost importance. If it gets stolen or lost, it is equivalent to losing one’s identity. Hence it needs to be safeguarded and we as consumers expect companies to safeguard our personal data. We fully trust them to handle it carefully. It is their responsibility to store it properly and have security policies in place. But what happens when our faith is shattered and data gets stolen or breached?

Today’s story talks about one such case of data breach where employee social security numbers and personal data got breached!

The CFTC data breach

The Community Futures Trading Commission suffered a data breach in early May compromising consumer social security numbers and personal information.

Although the breach took place in May, the employees were informed about it only now.

The compromised information did not include any trading or market data.

One of the CFTC employees received a “phishing” e-mail on May 21 that contained information to a fraudulent website. A hacker was then able to illegally enter the employee’s account, which had access to personnel information.

Here is what the email said “The e-mail account contained e-mails and attachments with the names, Social Security numbers and possibly other sensitive personally identifiable information of certain individuals,”. The CFTC has about 700 employees and regulates U.S. futures and swaps markets.

Comment by CFTC spokesperson

“The CFTC believes at this time that the data breach is contained to employee information and does not compromise any trading or market data. Law enforcement has been contacted and we will work with them as appropriate “ John Rogers, chief information officer at the CFTC, said in an e-mail statement on June 22.

Additional security for CFTC

The CFTC plans to implement additional security controls for CFTC computer systems and provide training for the staff especially for those who deal with sensitive data. The CFTC arranged for employees to receive identity protection from a credit-monitoring company.

About CFTC

It is as an independent agency with the mandate to regulate commodity futures and option markets in the United States. The agency’s mandate has been renewed and expanded often and recently by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

Currently the agency is writing regulations required under the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act that will govern trading by JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM), Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS)and other companies in the $648 trillion global swaps market.

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New Data Breach bill forces companies to disclose consumer personal information

June 25th, 2012
Pat Toomey

Sen. Pat Toomey introduces Data Breach Bill

Data breaches are increasing but so are proposals to combat them. The picture is not all that sad on the data security front although everyday we are reading news about data thefts and laptop thefts. It is like in any typical happy ending movie where good people fight the bad people, where the brave won over the evil! Similarly, the more laptop thieves and data hackers we have, the more senators and data security experts there are to stop data from getting breached.

This time Senator Toomey plays the part of the Hero and let us hope he wins at the end.

Sen. Toomey introduces the Data Security and Breach Notification Act (S. 3333). This bill will preempt 46 state data breach laws and replace them with a national standard. Let us hope this bill gets passed.

This bill will set national standards on how companies should inform consumers about data breaches when it relates to personal information.

The bill states:

The act directs corporations, trusts, cooperatives and similar entities that retain personal information to inform the owners of that information of a breach as quickly as possible. The breached entities have to inform the owners of the breached information on the date it was accessed, the information that was stolen and how to contact the breached entity for more information. The notification can be by telephone, email or on paper.

The bill further states that the organization will be required to notify the FBI or the US Secret Service. Law enforcement agencies can request, in writing, that the organization delay notification if doing so might compromise a criminal investigation or have an impact on national security.

More about the bill – People will be notified by telephone, email or on paper. They would have to be told when the breach occurred and what information was compromised. The legislation cites specific examples of such personal data, including Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers, and bank and credit card account numbers.

The downside of the bill:

There is no specific period for actually sending out these notifications. That is what the consumers are worried about, they feel that companies learn about breaches but do not inform consumers immediately. The states do have notification laws but not sans loopholes.

There are strict data breach laws already in place like in the State of Connecticut. This bill appears weak in comparison. Connecticut–a state that is “in the forefront in protecting the personal information of its residents”–now requires a data breach notification to be made whenever there is a “breach of security.” The state’s data breach notification law defines such a breach as the “unauthorized access to or unauthorized acquisition of electronic files, media, databases, or computerized data containing personal information when access to the personal information has not been secured by encryption or by any other method or technology that renders the personal information unreadable or unusable.”

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Sophomore Cameron Clear arrested for stealing laptop from Vol’s baseball player Jeffery Zajac

May 31st, 2012

Sports persons are our ideals, we look up to them for inspiration. Their achievements give us strength. We cannot imagine them faltering, making serious mistakes in their field or real life. But they do make mistakes and serious ones! It is unimaginable that they can commit crimes like stealing! The following incident is about such a sportsperson who stole and got arrested.

KNOXVILLE, TN - OCTOBER 15:  Head coach Derek ...

KNOXVILLE, TN Head coach Derek Dooley of the Tennessee Volunteers dismisses Cameron Clear from the team for laptop theft

The laptop theft

Tennessee tight end  19 year old Cameron Clear was arrested and charged Tuesday with felony theft of between $1,000 and $9,999. The bond amount was $2,500 bond and he was held at the Knox County Detention Center. Cameron stole a colleague’s laptop and was caught red-handed. The laptop was owned by baseball pitcher Jeffrey Brandon Zajac. On May 19 Jeffrey noticed his Macbook Pro was missing. The Police found that someone was using the laptop to access the university’s wireless network, and tracked Clear at the keyboard. The serial number on the laptop matched the one belonging to Zajac.

Comment by UT police Cpl. Ben Doty

“Upon my arrival, I saw Mr. Clear sitting with a silver MacBook in his lap,”. “Once he saw the officers, he closed the laptop.


Tennessee coach Derek Dooley has dismissed sophomore tight end Cameron Clear from the team as soon as he was arrested on a theft charge. Dooley suspended Cameron Clear indefinitely Wednesday to get more information about the theft. Clear’s dismissal was announced Friday. Clear was released from jail on Wednesday.

The coach’s statement

It hurts anytime a player is dismissed but there’s times when a player does something that ends his privilege of being part of the team. “We will continue to support Cam and his family to help him learn from his actions and become the person and player I believe he has the potential to be.”

More about Clear

The 6-foot-6, 283-pound Clear from Memphis had one catch for four yards as a freshman, playing in 12 games. He was rated as a 4-star prospect by Rivals, Scout and ESPN coming out of Central High School in Memphis.

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FedEx driver alerts police about identity theft

May 16th, 2012
A typical FedEx Ground truck. Photographed in ...

FedEx driver reports meeting a guy whose behavior was suspicious

This post is dedicated to all law-abiding citizens. Without them, this world would be  a chaotic place. Even the Police force draws strength from them and at times use their help. If we stay alert and keep the police informed of suspicious activities,  thieves will think twice before stealing. In today’s digital world, staying alert and securing data is of utmost importance. This post shares an interesting story of a FedEx driver whose suspicion is helping the police in tracking a thief.

FedEx driver helps in identifying thief

A FedEx driver’s alertness helped him identify a thief who was planning to steal a few laptops.

According to the FedEx driver, a black man in his late 20s to early 30s driving silver Audi with New York license plates, on Tuesday afternoon, May 8, before 12:25, approached him in the Land Rover Darien parking lot, 90 Post Road. The man told the FedEx driver he wanted to pick up packages scheduled for delivery on Prospect Avenue and that he was the addressee. Nevertheless, the driver had a great memory and he immediately recognized the man as the same one who had made a similar request on Friday, May 4. The FedEx driver flatly denied handing over the packages and the man sped off.

The thief’s strategy is to approach a FedEx driver and have computers shipped to homes in town and trying to intercept them before they are delivered.

The first incident – The first incident took place on May 4. The driver was parked in a parking lot on Parklands Drive. A black man approached him and asked him for packages that were to be delivered to a home on Bayberry Lane. He showed the driver a New York license with the recipient’s name. The driver took a long look at the license and believed it was a fake.  He did not hand over the packages to him, which were to be delivered to the Bayberry Lane house. It contained four laptop computers. The owner of that address had not ordered the computers and was going to be the victim of an identity theft.

The second incident – The same man approached the same driver in the parking lot of 90 Post Road on May 8. He used the same modus operandi and asked for a package to be delivered on Prospect Avenue. This time the man claimed to be the owner of the package. The FedEx driver recognized the man and refused to give the packages. The man then sped away from the area.

The Police are on the hunt

The man on the run is described as a black man in his late 20s to early 30s. He was seen driving a silver Audi with New York registration. The case is currently under investigation.

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Tel Aviv’s D.A. charges six people with a massive data theft: Personal details of millions of Israelis exposed

May 14th, 2012
Great synagogue of Tel Aviv- View from the air

Tel-Aviv - A massive data theft surfaces. The DA charges six people of stealing and selling data

Data breach/ data theft can take place in multiple ways. By accessing unauthorized data, by stealing diskettes or USB sticks. By stealing documents, by copying data and selling it to another vendor without authority. Also what is disturbing but true is that the perpetrators are often people who are of a decent background, earning good money. Some of them do just because it gives them a ‘technological high’, some do it because they think it will help them in their career.

The latest data theft news from Israel proves that the perpetrator was somebody who came from a good educational background but wanted to make a fast buck.

Data theft news from Israel – In brief

Tel Aviv’s District Attorney charged six people with a major data theft that leaked the personal details of millions of Israelis.

The stolen data contains full names, ID numbers, and addresses, dates of birth, family status, and names of siblings. In addition, it includes an extensive search engine allowing users to determine extended family relations of any Israeli in the database.

The perpetrators sold the data to Haredi charities.

Data theft news – In detail

This data theft took place in 2006 and it contained detailed personal information on nine million Israelis including minors, deceased persons and citizens living abroad.

Shalom Bilik, a former Social Affairs Ministry contractor, who had access to the database during his work at the ministry, copied the data and took it home without permission. Bilik’s contract with the ministry ended in 2006 and soon thereafter, he began to provide computing services to an ultra-Orthodox organization in Jerusalem. He used to install the database on computers there.

The persons indicted other than Bilik are Avraham Adam, Yosef Vitman, Haim Aharon, Moshe Moskovitz and Meir Leiver.

Adam worked at the ultra-Orthodox charity. He used the stolen data after Bilik gave it him. He later passed the data on to Vitman, who volunteered at the charity. Vitman then sold a copy of the stolen database to an independent computer consultant called Aharo who combined it with a copy of the voter registration database and eleven other databases. Aharon later sold the combined database to other people and gave it to a computer programmer, Moskovitz, who in turn sold it to other people.

Moskovitz then updated the database with a sophisticated search program and named the final database ‘Agron’ (‘Glossary’).  He allegedly stole it to other interested parties. The database finally ended up with Leiver who then decided to call it aRi and sold it overseas.

The Indictment

According to the indictment, the six men are charged with various offenses under the Privacy Protection Law, which attract a maximum five-year prison sentence. Bilik is also charged under the Penal Code with removal of a document from custody and passing it to a third party, which attracts a maximum five-year prison term and Leiver is charged with destroying evidence, after allegedly attempting to disrupt the investigation by deleting computer files.

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Phoenix Police nab 3 in connection with laptop theft

May 13th, 2012
Laptop icon

3 suspects nabbed by Phoenix Police in connection with a series of laptops

Wow! Another laptop theft and that too in less than 24 hours! When it rains, it pours but we wish this was not true in cases of thefts, right? Well, unfortunately these days it has been raining less and ‘stealing’ more. Stealing laptops is becoming a way of life with thieves and they think they can get away with it. Alas, the Police force is on the alert and suspects are getting caught sooner than later!

Thanks to Phoenix Police for nabbing laptop thieves

Thursday was a promising day for the Phoenix police. They were successful in nabbing Jordan Griggs, Camden Jernigan and Shawn Thompson in connection with a string of laptop computer thefts from Valley coffee shops.

Phoenix police arrested three 19-year-old men Thursday

They had stolen a man’s computer while he was using it at a Phoenix Starbucks.

Series of Laptop thefts

The car drove to a neighbourhood about one block southeast of the shop and Griggs and Shawn Thompson got out of the car, Jernigan waited in the driver’s seat.

Griggs opened a door to the shop and Shawn Thompson went in and snatched a 35-year-old man’s computer while he was working. After stealing the computer, the two young men ran from the store and jumped into the waiting car, which was then driven by Jerrigan. This was apparently the thieves modus operandi. They always stole laptops when people were actually typing out.

The Police were watching the scene unfold in front of them.  They tailed the car and the suspects were stopped at 4900 N. 12th St., and the computer was found in their car. The suspects were immediately arrested and taken into custody.

The laptop was returned to the owner and the three suspects were jailed on suspicion of felony theft and felony conspiracy charges.

Alertsec helps curb laptop thefts

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Payroll data of home-care workers goes missing in the mail – Los Angeles County news

May 12th, 2012
Flag of County of Los Angeles

Data breach of home-care personnel in the County of Los Angeles

Another breach where data of home-care personnel goes missing! We cannot stress enough the importance of protecting health-care data. It is so crucial and sensitive and the chances of it getting misused is very high, especially data belonging to ill people and vulnerable children.

Payroll data goes missing

700,000 people who offer or get home care for the elderly and disabled have become victims of data breach. Their payroll data has lost its way in the mail, as told by an internal government email.

According to the email, the breach was found out on Wednesday. Hewlett Packard handles the payroll information for workers in California’s In-Home Supportive Services program. According to them the data disappeared en route in the mail to a state office in Riverside.

“While we continue to investigate, at this time we can’t confirm whether the information was damaged, lost or stolen,” the email said.

As soon as it was learned that the package had disappeared, an investigation started and as of now the Police are looking into the theft. The affected parties are being notified via email. The spokesperson for the California Department of Social Services, Oscar Ramirez, has confirmed the breach.

Security policies are being changed to avoid such mishaps.

Comment by lobbyist, Deborah Doctor

“That’s unbelievable,” said Deborah Doctor, a lobbyist at Disability Rights California. “This will be very worrying.”

According to Ms Doctor the worst hit are the low-income people in the program for whom English is often not their first language, while others are too blind to read notices from the government about the missing data.

Approximately 40% of employees and recipients in the program are based out of Los Angeles County.

Late night update

According to a news release sent out late Friday said, “The package containing the information was reported as damaged while being shipped by the U.S. Postal Service and the information contained in the package was incomplete upon delivery.”

The package that contained the data was mailed on April 26 and arrived May 1. The state was not notified for another week. The breached data from October to December 2011, for 375,000 workers included names, Social Security numbers and wages. State identification numbers may have been leaked for about 326,000 recipients.

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BIOS level protection schemes only protect the actual BIOS settings.

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