Fairfax County Virginia

Laptop containing 2000 Fairfax students’ data stolen

July 27th, 2013

Fairfax School is an 11-19 secondary school with academy status in Sutton Coldfield, north of Birmingham. The school was established in 1959. A laptop containing health records for 2,000 students of Fairfax County public school was stolen. The laptop contained personal information and was stolen from a health department employee’s car, as told by school and health officials.

School officials sent a letter to parents explaining that someone broke into the car and took the laptop. Officials also told, a briefcase containing student records in paper was also stolen along with the health department issued laptop.

The laptop contained personal information of nearly 2,000 Fairfax students at six schools, including Lanier and Rocky Run middle schools, Brookfield, Fairfax Villa and Navy elementary schools and Chantilly High School and Chantilly Academy.

As told by the health officials at school, the laptop included personal data of students such as their names, school system identification numbers and specific medical conditions. However, Social Security numbers, health insurance information or address of students was not stored in the laptop.

The school nurse had the permission to carry the laptop and the documents with her at home, but it was noticed that the nurse failed to keep the files secure, violating protocol.

The personal records on paper should have stored in locked briefcase, separate from the laptop. The information on laptop should not have been stored on laptop’s hard drive, officials said. Health officials said, the files were supposed to be stored on encrypted portable drives as they were personally identifiable information. The nurse will face strict action against this mistake.

According to spokesman Glen Barbour, current security procedures are being reviewed with employees by the health department.

Barbour said “We are going above and beyond to make sure this doesn’t happen again”.

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