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Skill gap widens for information security professionals

April 9th, 2015

Today, organizations are finding it difficult to manage IT security threats and avoid error. They also face challenges to recover after cyber attack. According to the survey, by 2020 there will be shortfall of 1.5 million information security professionals.

The IT security of companies is being threatened by understaffed workforce and the high level of complexities. (ISC)2 conducted survey polled 3,000 information security professionals and practitioners worldwide.

“Our first workforce study was conducted in 2004 to illuminate critical concerns within the information and cyber security that were struggling for attention,” said Adrian Davis, managing director, Emea, at (ISC)2.

“The 2015 report shows that many of these issues are finally getting much-needed budget and priority, but we are facing new challenges and our skills and staffing challenge is growing,” he added.

Davis mentions that the findings are more or less similar to US and Europe.

“There are some small differences from country to country, but at a higher level, as information security environments become increasingly homogeneous, there is not much variance,” he told Computer Weekly.

“This is likely to be due to the fact that the legal and privacy environment in Germany may make companies more sensitive to protecting information,” he said.

The study also shows that security spending is increasing across the companies.

“We are playing catch-up in an environment where information security has never really made its case as being an interesting and exciting career, and where security professionals are retiring faster than they are being replaced,” said Davis.