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Stolen cellphone causes data breach

January 18th, 2015


Albany, New York-based St. Peter’s Health Partners revealed that its manager cellphone got stolen and may lead to potential healthcare data breach.  The affected entity involved emails from the cellphone. After the investigation by St. Peter’s officials, it was determined that the cellphone was not encrypted.


According to the reports, the stolen cellphone may have contained emails that included patient appointment scheduling information for St. Peter’s.  Emails within the stolen device did not include any health record information or information on inpatient hospital treatment or emergency care.


Officials at the healthcare facility said there is no indication that emails have been accessed or viewed at this time. According to the news source, they believed the theft was random. After the incident, St. Peter’s reviewed all mobile devices networked to its corporate email system to ensure security compliance in response to this incident.


Steps to prevent data breach – cellphones:


  • Proper antivirus should be installed on cellphones
  • Periodically change the password to the corporate accounts
  • Encryption of the cellphone
  • Don’t install malicious software
  • Visual notifications for abnormal activity
  • Biometric identification
  • Using secured network access
  • Conducting security audit
  • User awareness about the proper usage


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