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Google five times safer than Bing

April 18th, 2013

As the World Wide Web becomes the choicest destination of an ever growing community, cyber criminals find newer ways of attacking them. They have now started targeting them through the search engines. They make websites, blogs and pages that are based on current issues and dump those malwares there.

In a recent research done by AV-TEST, that analyzed the search results of a number of search engines, found that Google was a safer search engine than Bing

Microsoft’s search engine Bing is nearly five times as likely as Google to link to malware, a study by independent research firm AV-TEST found. Out of every 10.9 million links generated by Google,272 directed towards malware according to thirty-six different anti-virus services.

Bing returned a tiny bit more results than Google for the same terms, less than half a percentage point more. But 1,285 of the Bing links contained malware, a nearly fivefold increase over Google.

AV-TEST, that is based in Germany, took eighteen months to analyze a host of search engines from the likes of Google,Bing,BaiduYandex etc.

Google beat all the other websites to emerge as the safest search engine.

“Although search engine operators such as Google and Bing make a lot of effort to avoid doing so, they sometimes deliver websites infected with Trojans and similar malware among their top search results,” AV-TEST’s Markus Selinger observed  in the report. “Other search engines do an even worse job.”

AV-TEST analyzed nearly forty million websites shown in the search results of the search engines.It tested a nearly equal number of results from Google and Bing, and found out that Bing has nearly five times as many malicious results as Google. However, Bing still fared as the second safest engine in the study since the other search engines were worse

The readers might think that the number of infected websites is small considering there are that many results your search engine churns out every second. But the scary part is that you are not the only one .There are billions of people who use these engines.Imagine the humungous numbers the malware results would catapult to if we consider putting all the results together!

The study also shows that around 110 million infected sites are currently active so online-goers aren’t all that safe from malware harm.

The study also threw light on the 110 million malicious sites still active online that could be threatening for the netizens who are not careful of what they are opening.

Microsoft tried salvaging their search engine’s reputation through this response

“We show results with warnings for about 0.04% of all searches, meaning about 1 in 2,500 search result pages will have a result with a malware warning on it.  Of those, only a small proportion of malicious links ever get clicked and the warning therefore triggered, so a user will see the warning only 1 in every 10,000 searches. In any case, the overall scale of the problem is very small.”

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