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Laptop stolen from Doctor’s Car

March 2nd, 2015

Heath information was potentially compromised when laptop was stolen from doctor’s car. Around 400 patients are notified about the recent data breach. The incident took place at the Medical College of Wisconsin. According to the Medical College spokesperson, that a document with private information on about 400 patients was stolen from the vehicle, while a laptop with data on one patient was also taken.

“Firm policies are in place prohibiting the downloading of patient information to portable media, as well as the secured transport of documents containing patient information,” read a Medical College statement obtained by WDJT. “We sincerely regret that this unfortunate event occurred.

According to the statement, the affected patients are contacted and steps are taken to prevent this type of event. Institutional policy is revisited to safe guard the sensitive information. Excerpts from the statement on website –

The purpose of this policy is to address the appropriate protection and encryption of all MCW Electronic Protected Information (EPI) when it is stored, transferred or accessed on any mobile device.  Full mobile device encryption and related controls are required to access MCW’s electronic network or information through another means.

All Workforce members must protect MCW EPI. Workforce members using a Mobile Device owned by a workforce member, an external entity or one provided by MCW, to access or store EPI must have encryption using an institution-approved tool.

On personally owned devices (i.e. BYOD), should a workforce member choose not to permit MCW’s MDM tools and supporting processes on their personal device, access to MCW’s secured resources will be limited as outlined in procedure below.

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