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Data theft: An internal and an external threat.

March 30th, 2013

In this digital era where data travels at the blink of an eye and hi-tech devices like mobiles and tabs take on different forms, global corporations are at a risk of losing highly sensitive data than ever. For this, there is an urgent need for data security. Apart from large data breach by professional computer hackers, there is a critical concern for industries who are at risk, when it is associated with their employees. With the increasing negligence or malice by company employees, there is a risk factor of information leakage which can become a key conversation piece in risk discussions. A recently published study made it clear that the risk of data breach is significant. The study indicated that more and more number of employees are transferring and storing corporate information off the premises. This calls for data encryption software so that data transfer could be secured.

A survey carried out among half of the employees showed that they transfer work documents using home computers through less secure accounts such as Gmail. One-third of the total responses indicated that they transfer data using file-sharing apps such as Dropbox without any prior permission. Out of five, two transfer the files using their personal tabs or smartphones, where the risk of data breach is at its highest. But, in all these scenarios data security are important. Also, the majority of these people do not delete the data once transferred. For the ignorance of such risks IDC Canada reported that e-mail is the main source of data breach, with laptops secondary, and removable media being the third. Both employees as well as employers are to be blamed and the reason being that the employees are performing official activities in lots of public places, and there’s no one to bother cleaning it up or enforcing policies for computer protection.

Our major issue of concern is data breach through company employees who are moving on to other jobs. A study conducted recently showed that 50% of working professionals kept confidential information while leaving or losing their jobs, while 40% of the employees planned to use it in their new jobs. Also, 60% workers join hands with competitors who offer to share the confidential data from their last job. This is why data security with the help of data encryption software should be ensured so that employees do not carry confidential information even after leaving the company.

What’s more surprising, is the fact that those 55% of the employees are not ready to accept that it’s a crime using competitor’s confidential information while other 68% said that their company does not take strict actions to ensure they don’t use competitive information. Also, company employees often believe that they are the rightful owners since they played a part in creating or contributing to the secured data. This leads them to think that their employers do not care about computer protection, and it would not cause any harm if they take it, which is absolutely wrong. Today’s growing corporate trend demands employers to pay more attention, since the risks could be substantial ranging from monetary to loss of business to competitors, to legal action and inquiries. But that again invites the risk for data breach where data security must be assured  for computer protection.

Perhaps, there’s one thing that employees always look for and i.e., personally identifiable information on customers. So, they need good contacts with the people involved in sales, corporate IT and company support as these people have an easy access to such records. In some cases, to avoid getting noticed employees often download large lists incrementally to text files or spreadsheets. While client or customer based information might be one of the more prolific targets, therefore, one has to be very careful regarding data security as to whom access is being given to monitor internet by making sure that the stuff is not leaked out of the company.

Encryption software prevents data breaches

Traditional antivirus approaches don’t work any more and a new approach to endpoint security is required to better protect your company from malicious threats.

The above threat could have simply been reduced to an insurance matter by a mere investment of $13/month. The information would have been secure with no loss what so ever. That is certainly a small price to pay compared to what can happen if you lose confidential or sensitive data. Alertsec Xpress offers a very good and easy-to-use laptop security service that includes more than the traditional software licensing model. Feel free to subscribe for your personal 30-day free trial

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