Data breach in Mayo Clinic Health

July 23rd, 2015

The Mayo Clinic Health System in Red Wing, Minnesota reported data breach when 601 patient records were inappropriately accessed by an employee. According to the Mayo Clinic Public Affairs Manager Asia Zmuda – “an employee accessed patient records beyond the scope of authorized access and assigned job responsibilities.” The employee is no longer employed at the health system, according to the emailed statement.

“An internal investigation was immediately launched and a detailed analysis of the individual’s access yielded no evidence that financial information was accessed or that any health information was further disclosed,” Mayo Clinic explained. “Mayo Clinic will continue the proactive monitoring of patient records to prevent further incidents from occurring. Mayo Clinic takes this matter very seriously and is committed to maintaining the highest levels of integrity and trust for those it serves.”

Mayo Clinic is currently in the process of notifying patients who were affected by this incident, according to the organization’s statement. It was not specified what type of information was accessed, but Zmuda underlined the fact that financial information was not involved and that health information was not further disclosed.

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